3 Ways RVs Can Save Summer Travelers Money

As much as you love the summer travel season, you’re not crazy about the gaping holes each trip leaves in your bank account. Hotel stays, restaurant visits and various other on-the-road expenses often cost you upwards of several hundred dollars each day. If you take more than three lengthy road trips per summer, you stand to benefit from investing in a quality RV. While a motor home may initially seem like an enormous investment, an RV can save you a tremendous amount of money in the long run.

1. No More Hotel Visits

If you’re tired of shelling out almost $100 a night for a decent hotel room, you should try a Catalina RV. These supersized RVs offer travelers an abundance of space, along with comfortably roomy sleeping quarters. There’s no reason to pay for a hotel room when you’re essentially driving around in one. Purchasing an RV or travel trailer will ensure that hotel visits – and the various expenses associated with them – never again take hold of your finances.

2. A Reduction in Restaurant Visits

Sure, your family always packs plenty of snacks before setting off on a journey, but all of your on-the-road meals are eaten at restaurants. Even if you limit yourself to inexpensive eateries, visiting three restaurants per day is guaranteed to eat away at your travel budget. Since many RVs and travel trailers are equipped with refrigerators and kitchenettes, your family can enjoy home cooking on the road and save a ton of money in the process. Winnebago Via motor homes, in particular, are known for their cutting-edge kitchen setups.

3. Reduced On-the-Road Boredom

As any seasoned parent can confirm, traveling with small children can be a trying experience. Little kids get bored fast – especially on the road. Fortunately, the state-of-the-art home entertainment centers found in many RVs will enable your little ones to enjoy their favorite movies, TV series and videogames while en route to your destination. This will lead to a reduction in pit stops and save you money on assorted on-the-road toys and knickknacks.

Because of its abundance of sunny skies, gorgeous weather and favorable driving conditions, summer is widely hailed as the season for travel. When looking for ways to save money on summertime road trips, consider investing in a dependable motor home or travel trailer. Being free of hotel fees, restaurant bills and bored children is a prospect many travelers will find too tempting to pass up.