Getting an Eyeful in Paris

A recent trip to Paris seemed like the perfect time to for a new fashion look I’ve been tempted to try.  So with my handy-dandy Groupon in hand I sat off for a new salon for eyelash enhancements.  I loved that I could use my Groupon to try out a new location that offered great services.  I felt better going there than to my usual salon thinking that if I didn’t like the way it turned out, no one that I knew would see me making a fool of myself.  It seems silly, I know, but it was the only way I felt confident enough to do something like that.  As a youngster I had worn false eyelashes plenty of times cause it was all the rage in the 60’s.  Now that I’m a grandmother I’m not so quick to emulate the fashion trends.

Anyway, the staff at the salon were very helpful and reassuring when I told them my reservations.  There was even a client my age who told me she had been wearing eyelash extensions for years.  My technician chose a style and length that perfectly suited my face and I was really happy with the results.  They were expertly trained and certified and most of all, they took pride in the services they rendered to me and everyone else that day.  Most of all I was glad that my Groupon saved me over 70% off the regular price on a full set of lashes with an optional fill in a few weeks.

Our trip to Paris was everything I’d hoped it would be.  We strolled the boulevards, we saw the lights of the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower and took a wonderful tour by boat down the Seine.  When evening fell, we ducked into a romantic cafe for a luscious meal.  My sweetheart really made my day when he looked into my eyes and asked what had I done to make myself look so beautiful.  I just shrugged my shoulders, batted my eyelashes and kissed his cheek.  Then I tore up the receipts for all the money I’d spent on his credit card to achieve that look.  But he was happy anyway when I told him how much I’d saved using Groupons for my purchases.  C’est la vie!