The Best RV Family Vacation Spots in Oregon

Oregon is home to some of the most breathtaking views in the country, from the Cascade Mountain range to the Columbia River, the state’s geography is truly breathtaking. Traveling by RV is the best way to vacation in this state, especially with families wanting to take in nature on their journey. The RV camps in Oregon are equally outstanding and arguably some of the best in the U.S. Begin planning your trip in the colder months to be certain you choose just the right stops for your family, while selecting one of the Open Range RVs to make for the most comfortable vacation possible.

Crater Lake National Park

To say this massive, water-filled crater located in Southern Oregonis massive is an understatement. Reaching depths of over 1,900 feet, the lake is only filled with snow and land water. The deepest lake in the country cannot be compared with any other U.S. lake; it’s truly breathtaking. You can even stay nearby in one of two high-quality RV campgrounds nearby. Try to visit the area in late spring to avoid the crowds. Your family will enjoy Crater Lake’s vast hiking and biking trails; you can all even get in the water to swim or boat at Cleetwood Cove Trail.

Columbia River

Oregon’s largest river travels from Canada to Washington and then onto Oregon, traveling over 1,200 miles. There are dozens of campgrounds along the river, including one near the Dalles Dam. Home to some of the best sites in the state, the Columbia River provides abundant hiking and biking trails for the nature lovers in your family. For teenagers and adventurous results, the rafting along the river is some of the best in the state.

Oregon Coast

The views of the Pacific Ocean of the craggy Oregon coast can only be described as astonishing. Traveling along the coast with your Open Range Light will provide plenty of views, combined with chances for adventure. Start in Eugene and travel along Highway 38. Around Coos bay, you will find three state parks. One could easily spend a few days exploring these parks and camping in the area. Simpsons Reef Overlook is known for its sea lion and seal sightings, while Sunset Bay State Park is the best place to surf along the coast. Farther down the coast, your family will enjoy unwinding at the beaches found Face Rock State Park. A local artist even draws designs in the sand at low tide.